Working with databases made simpler.

tar -zxvf DockDB_Linux_x64_v.0.492.tar.gz
cd dockdb && chmod +x ./dockdb
./dockdb #double click works too :)

or Download DockDB_Linux_x64_v.0.492.tar.gz

tar -zxvf MacOS_x64_v.0.439.tar.gz
cd dockdb && chmod +x ./dockdb

or Download MacOS_x64_v.0.439.tar.gz

Explore DB on your VPS/Cloud

No more complicated SSH tunneling. Just wget a tiny binary and execute. You will have a working HTTP server that will allow you to browse your DB. Ctrl+C when done.

  • <10 sec download, <10 MB to run
  • No external dependencies
  • No external web server required.
  • Everything you require in one small package.

Many Databases. One GUI

Now you don't need multiple apps for every DB out there.

  • Supports MySQL and SQLite.
  • Support for Postgres, Redis & Mongo (Soon).
  • No external drivers or dependencies.
One GUI to rule them all :)

Runs on your favorite browser

You don't need to have another window open to use DockDB. DockDB runs within your browser. So you can have multiple databases open in different browser tabs. Simply bookmark to store the last state.

DockDB makes exploring databases as easy as browsing the web.

Roadmap for v.1.0

  • Base build for Linux,MacOS and Windows [Done]
  • Basic support for MySQL [Done]
  • Basic support for SQLite [Done]
  • Support all data types [in progress]
  • Support for Views/Triggers
  • Support Stored procedures
  • Support Postgres
  • Support Redis
  • Support MongoDB
  • SSH Tunneling
  • SSL support & authentication

Pre-Launch Offer

Support us while we are developing this amazing product and get,

  • The Pro. version (v.1.0 releases on 1st June)
  • 3 years of free updates.
  • and a surprise bonus.
Limited time offer.

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Full refund if we don't complete our road map on time.